In the ideal world, divorce can be the gateway to building a productive co-parenting relationship with your divorced spouse, benefitting your children. In most families however, the emotional turmoil has taken its toll and little trust remains for working out a settlement. What you can expect depends on the current ability of you and your spouse to talk things out between yourselves. If you are able to make decisions together, you are perfect candidates for an “Uncontested Divorce.” If you are not in agreement on the major issues: custody, visitation and parenting time, money issues, your divorce will be “Contested” and may require hearings or trial.

 It may be tempting to try to do online divorce forms yourself to save money but remember, they do not come with legal advice. They oversimplify a very complex process. It took you years to create what is your marriage therefore, it is essential to take time and make an investment in your future after your marriage. Having an experienced and knowledgeable negotiator as well as a seasoned litigator as your advisor, is critical.  Invest in your future now by having us help you today.  

McFall Law Office works with individuals to help them define their goals for how they want their family to look and function after the divorce is final. This work requires the office to be good listeners and fierce advocates. Often parents imagine that the best outcome for “divorcing” children is to share joint custody, or equal time with their parents. This works well in some families, but not all.  McFall Law Office can help you determine what is the right custody and visitation schedule for your family and one that will be acceptable to a court. The office is an advocate for the rights of children to have a good relationship with both parents if at all possible. If your child needs to be defended from an abuser, the McFall Law Office will use their wealth of resources to protect you and your child from domestic violence.

The staff is very thorough in their research and investigation to help you achieve the best financial outcome possible.  The office helps you divide accumulated property, retirement accounts, savings & investments, as well as debts, and helps you move on with peace of mind.  McFall Law Office personally works hard to assure the proper calculations are made for child support and will also help you decide if alimony is a realistic option. 

If you have legal questions that need immediate answers call our office today for a free initial telephone consultation.