McFall Law Office

The attorneys at McFall Law Office practice within Cleveland, McClain, Garvin, Grady and Oklahoma County and in Municipal Courts in Norman, Moore and Oklahoma City.

AS YOUR COUNSEL the Mcfall law office WILL:

  • Listen to your story.

  • Treat you with the dignity, attention, and availability you deserve.

  • Explain the Law and its application to your case in understandable terms.

  • Assess strengths of your case realistically and honestly and discuss outcomes with you.

  • Communicate and keep you in the loop at all times.

  • Commit the time necessary to achieve the best possible results.

  • Use available technology to give you an edge.


Personal attention is only one component of a successful attorney-client relationship. Besides helping educate you about realistic legal options, in some cases our staff will focus on a team approach to problem-solving. McFall Law Office has used many reputable professionals in the community who have been of additional service to our clients and helped them achieve the desired outcome. Professionals such as financial advisors, business valuation consultants, tax accountants, psychologists or counselors, alcohol/drug treatment providers and life coaches, have been useful in helping clients achieve their goals.


Hire an attorney focused on helping you set and achieve your legal goals. Speak with a representative from McFall Law Office directly at (405) 310-2691, and experience what it is like to meet the leader of your problem-solving team.



“I cannot recommend Sara McFall highly enough. Professional, knowledgeable and most of all, she was sensitive to my SENSE OF URGENCY! At the end of our initial consultation Sara told me “I am going to restore your confidence in attorneys” and she did not let me down!” 

–JP, Divorce Client

"She and her assistants do their homework. They do research and they listen and pay attention to their clients. When they go to court, they are prepared. They give it all they have to give."

-Sheryl, Family Law Client

“I was informed on every level at all times. Sara is the best at what she does and she speaks with you on a level that makes you feel very confident walking into a court of law.”  

-Travis, Child Custody Client

“She has restored my faith that there are lawyers who are not just in it for the money and who has a client's best interest at heart. You can't go wrong with Sara.”

-Criminal Client